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Click Here to read more about the book by Shawn Achor.

About ITLN

For over two decades, the founders, principals, and practice executives of International Thought Leader Network (ITLN) have worked with the world’s most distinguished thought leaders to deliver Big Ideas and Best Practices to leaders at all levels, managing a global workforce, and competing for the future.

Our vision has always been to create impact by delivering knowledge that can change the world.

In the early 90s we pioneered the branded thought leader and business guru space, and continue to lead its advancement today.
Our resume defines us.

We actively advanced the worldwide public brands of legendary thought leaders such as Stephen Covey, Tom Peters, Peter Senge, Ken Blanchard, Michael Hammer, and Spencer Johnson, connecting them and their content to organizations in 42 countries around the globe, conducting over 200 live events annually, reaching millions.

We produced the FORTUNE CEO Forum in association with FORTUNE Magazine, a market first, putting CEO’s center stage as branded thought leaders.

ITLN designed, developed, and delivered enterprise level training and implementation solutions for the world’s most sought after thought leaders including Harvard’s John Kotter (considered the world’s foremost expert on leading successful change) and Vijay Govindarajan (today’s #1 guru on innovation, and the founding director of Tuck’s Center for Global Leadership).

Today, we serve a marquee list of US and international clients, as well as a global network of licensed partners and distributors in over 20 counties.