Click Here to learn more about the book by Chris Trimble and Vijay Govindarajan.
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Click Here to read more about the book by Shawn Achor.

Advance your Innovation Skillset in Real Time with Onsite Workshops from ITLN

Onsite Workshops and Training

Leading Innovation Private WorkshopsOption One: Innovation Team Workshop. In a 1 to 2 day session we can help advance your innovation initiative rapidly. Your team will explore effective ways of planning the initiative, create a team and leader scorecard, assess the capabilities required of your initiative, and customize a dedicated team diagnosis to handle new requirements and manage progress.

Option Two: Understanding Innovation Workshop. In a one day workshop format, we can lay the practical foundation for understanding innovation inside your organization and create the inspired awareness to solve the innovation execution challenge. This learning becomes the catalyst to pursue not only groundbreaking innovation but innovation initiatives of all kinds effectively using a proven process.

For more information about bringing Leading Innovation™ to your organization, please contact Marti or Donald at (919) 434-6502 or email