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Positive Psychology at Work

If you observe the people around you, you’ll find most individuals follow a formula that has been subtly or not so subtly taught to them by their schools, their company, their parents, or society.  That is: If you work hard, you will become successful, and once you become successful, then you’ll be happy.  This pattern of belief explains what most often motivates us in life.  We think: If I just get that raise, or hit that next sales target, I’ll be happy.  If I can just get that next good grade, I’ll be happy.  If I lose that five pounds, I’ll be happy.  And so on.  Success first, happiness second.

The only problem is that this formula is broken.

If success causes happiness, then every employee who gets a promotion, every student who receives an acceptance letter, everyone who has ever accomplished a goal of any kind should be happy.  But with each victory, our goalposts of success keep getting pushed further and further out, so that happiness gets pushed over the horizon.

Even more important, the formula is broken because it is backward.  More than a decade of groundbreaking research in the fields of positive psychology and neuroscience has proven in no uncertain terms that the relationship between success and happiness works the other way around.  Thanks to this cutting-edge science, we now know that happiness is the precursor to success, not merely the result.  And that happiness and optimism actually fuel performance and achievement-giving us the competitive edge that I call the Happiness Advantage.

Waiting to be happy limits our brain’s potential for success, whereas cultivating positive brains makes us more motivated, efficient, resilient, creative, and productive, which drives performance upward.  This discovery has been confirmed by thousands of scientific studies and in my own work and research on 1,600 Harvard students and dozens of Fortune 500 companies worldwide.  In this book, you will learn not only why the Happiness Advantage is so powerful, but how you can use it on a daily basis to increase your success at work.  But I’m getting excited and jumping ahead of myself.  I begin this book where I began my research, at Harvard, where the Happiness Advantage was born.

Shawn Achor – Introduction to: The Happiness Advantage: The Seven Principles of Positive Psychology That Fuel Success and Performance at Work

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