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The 5 Stories of Business

Own Your Story!

5-Stories is an Interactive Exploration of the Stories that Define your Business with Step by Step Plans and Tools to Create, Capture, Publish and Leverage The Power Of Stories to… engage employees, attract more customers and create a culture that stands the test of time.

companyThe Company Story is an exploration of the stories that define your business. This starts understanding we all have perspectives and all companies have story-based blind spots. Using interactive “group wisdom” experiences participants will identify those stories that create pride, loyalty, a sense of purpose and resilience. Furthermore they will begin to identify important story gaps and inconsistencies. Leveraging their collective insights, participants will develop strategies and action plans to align their stories to create a more consistent, powerful, positive culture.
customerCustomer stories more than ever before shape our brand in the market. When the stories they tell do not match up with the stories our marketing organizations create we can be headed for disaster. Learn what drives customer’s to tell stories and how you can insert yourself and your story into the stories that customers tell.
employeeLike customers, with sites like Career Bliss and Glass Door, employees now have many more vehicles available to them that encourage them to tell stories both to each other as well as the recruiting pool from which you hire. What stories do your employees tell? Learn how to give your employees the voice and opportunity to tell stories that make them and you proud.
tomorrowAt no time in human history has tomorrow been so unpredictable. Yet somehow some organizations have employees that understand where they are headed and take advantage of shifts to help their organizations gain competitive advantage. These people thrive in turbulence because it it built-in to their DNA. They embrace challenge as an opportunity to succeed and feel a sense of accomplishment on a daily basis. The story of tomorrow shapes people’s belief systems about what they are capable of and what action they should take.
leaderSomeone has to connect the reality of today with the potential of tomorrow. Leaders do this. And while some organization think of leadership as a position in the hierarchy, more and more leaders are simply those who take the lead when leadership is needed; without regard to formal role. The Leader’s Story is the story used to connect where we are now with where we need to go. Nothing does that better than effective use of story.


For Dave Carroll, United Breaks Guitars was more than a single experience and more than a single song or story.

It was the beginning of a new way of looking at stories, customer sentiment and branding in an era of social media.

Social Media it turns out doesn’t change our relationship to stories – it amplifies them.

So now more than ever, companies interested in strengthening their culture, developing customer loyalty, engaging their employees, creating effective leaders and change ready teams are turning to the power of story.

“The more I was asked to speak about United Breaks Guitars and the more people I met, the more I realized that this wasn’t just one story. Depending on how you look at it, it is many stories at the same time.”

United Breaks Guitars was a perfect lens for viewing the essential stories that come to define an organization. For every company I have found there are 5-stories that define its success.


Each of these stories has a primary perspective and a primary objective. Understanding these and creating alignment is a powerful way to develop a customer-focused, sustainable culture that engages employees and is powerfully adaptable to change.

The 5-Stories of Business workshop is designed horizontally. It works for all people; without regard to role and taps into each of our ability to shape the future of our organization for the better.

Available in 1 and 2 day formats; The 5-Stories Workshop is highly customizable. Core modules include Company Story and Future Story. Optional individual modules for customer interaction associates and engagement teams and leaders.

To learn how to fine tune and sustain your company’s story contact: or call Greg Kaiser @ 919-618-9955.