Click Here to learn more about the book by Chris Trimble and Vijay Govindarajan.
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Click Here to read more about the book by Shawn Achor.

Our Thought Leadership Partners

Every once in a great while, a leader emerges from among the average, commonplace thinkers of an era,  someone exceptional at finding new ways of viewing the ubiquitous problems that organizations face.  These leaders see what no one else has seen. Where others see only unavoidable and systemic problems to be mitigated and controlled, they see competitive opportunities for market growth and mastery.  These are the rare visionaries who imagine that the status quo can be different, better, and their mission in that moment becomes clear.

International Thought Leader Network seeks to bring these luminaries and their ideas to the organizations that need them most.  Our knowledge partners are the world’s foremost thinkers, strategists and consultants, with decades of research and experience in helping the world’s largest organizations execute better, lead more effectively, and secure the brightest future.

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